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Blodgett 911P BASE Gas Pizza Deck Oven, Base Oven Only

Blodgett 911P BASE Gas Pizza Deck Oven, Base Oven Only

Blodgett 911P BASE Gas Pizza Deck Oven, Base Oven Only    Blodgett 911P BASE Gas Pizza Deck Oven, Base Oven Only

Chef's Deal Restaurant Equipment. Blodgett 911P BASE Gas Pizza Deck Oven, Base Oven Only.

Pizza Oven, deck-type, gas, (base oven only) 33"W x 22"D deck interior, (1) 7 high oven, (FDTH) 300-650°F mechanical thermostat, QHT Rokite deck, counter-balanced door with concealed hinges, full angle iron frame, stainless steel top, front, sides and back, 27,000 BTU, cETLus, NSF, CE. Deck Width (side - side).

Deck Depth (front - back). Why use Blodgett Gas Pizza Deck Oven? For smaller applications, our 900 Series pizza deck ovens are designed to meet the demand for equipment with low BTU input requirements without sacrificing results. They can be installed even when gas supply is limited. Stainless steel front, top, sides and back.

Counterbalanced doors with concealed hinges. Heavy chrome plated tubular steel door handle. 27-1/2 (699mm) stainless steel legs. Burner doors open easily for ignition, cleaning or adjustment, without removal of any fastenings. Vitreous fiber insulation at top, back, sides, bottom and doors.

33" x 22" x 7 (838mm x 559mm X 178mm) oven compartment interior. Aluminized steel baking compartment liner.

Deck supported by an angle iron frame. 12 gauge (3.02mm) press-formed, reinforced and flanged aluminized steel deck. Free-floating, easily removable duplex-tube burner.

Removable fixed orifices on main and pilot burner. Main gas valve, temperature control valve and safety pilot valve fully within section body and are accessible through a covered and ventilated compartment in front.

Air mixers with adjustable air shutters and locking device. Liquid pressure thermostat with temperature range of 300°F (149°C) to 650°F (343°C). Fahrenheit dial 300° to 650°.

QHT (Quick Heat Technology) Rokite deck designed for even heat transfer and moisture absorption, which means crispier crusts for your pizza. Gas connector for double stack ovens only. Signature Blodgett angle iron frame for durability. Counterbalanced doors for easy access.

Thick, 12 gauge steel oven deck for quick and efficient heating. Your Complete Line of Restaurant and Bar Equipment!

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Blodgett 911P BASE Gas Pizza Deck Oven, Base Oven Only    Blodgett 911P BASE Gas Pizza Deck Oven, Base Oven Only